Our team shares a common personal and professional goal: improving outcomes for children and youth in schools across the United States.

This is our Story

Over the past seven years the Cambridge Education team has successfully delivered survey programs to more than 5 million students and teachers and we continue to grow, every year.

Since 2007, Cambridge Education’s Survey Services team has worked to design and deliver high-quality student and teacher survey programs. This has included working with dozens of states and districts to test data collection methods and understand how to design and manage the most effective programs.

CE was also a partner of the Gates Foundation in the development and delivery of the Measures of Effective Teaching Project. Using a sample of more than 44,500 students, the MET Project showed that student surveys delivered by CE are valid measures of teaching effectiveness and are more reliable than other widely used measures. Read more about this study here.

Over the years CE has expanded its work, and its commitment to the use of surveys as important tools for growth and improvement. Today we survey in thousands of schools every year, including state-level projects in Hawaii, Tennessee, Ohio, and Maine, and in districts like New York City, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, and Grand Rapids.

Cambridge Education’s Survey Services team is part of a larger global education group that supports a range of projects across many countries. We are a team of high-performing education professionals who share a common personal and professional goal of improving outcomes for children and youth in schools across the United States and throughout the developing world.

In the US, Cambridge Education works in partnership with schools, districts, states, and other organizations to deliver high quality services that improve teaching, learning, and leadership. Our approach focuses on student learning outcomes, highlighting the need for programs and services that build the capacity of classroom teachers, and school and district leaders.

These services include:

Many years of experience in school improvement and transformation work including working as Lead Turnaround Partner in more than 20 schools over the past three years.

Evidence-based, objective Quality Reviews, which aid schools and districts by identifying strengths, improvement needs, and strategies to implement sustained development.

Educator Evaluation Programs that provide states, districts, and schools with the tools to design and implement an effective evaluation systems.

Industry leading analysis, management & reporting

Consulting and Design Services

We work collaboratively to set your project up for success — using the right surveys and data collection methods, and getting the most out of the data.

Fully Managed Data Collection Services

We deliver tried, tested, and secure data collection processes that are flexible, efficient, and affordable.

Cutting Edge Tools

We have developed a range of applications to make data collection, monitoring and reporting easier, and allow us to make services even more affordable.

The Best Support in the Business

We provide a project support team dedicated to support your projects, on hand to answer any questions you have and get you the help you need.

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